I was the Director of Photography for Dragon Con in Atlanta for 10 years up until 2007, when I decided to take some time off so I could raise my new son. I'm working on uploading some of my favorite pictures from over the years. If there are any favorites that people are looking for, let me know.

BTW, please don't use these without a credit and not for commercial use or publication. Dragon Con owns the copyrights on them and would, more than likely, be happy to supply you with permission.

Same goes for my personal stuff.

And as far as I go, I'm not a "Pro". I don't make a significant enough part of my income from taking pictures, I just enjoy doing it. Occasionally, I shoot something for commercial purposes (Del Rey, Irish Enterprises, etc), but those are due to my personal contacts, not actively seeking work.

Personally, I work high-end NAS storage systems, which makes me a professional geek.

I shoot people better, mostly women. I guess that it comes from being a raging heterosexual, but I love the female form.
I do nothing special, I just point the camera at them and wait until the moment presents itself.